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Car Cover Wholesale

Founded in 1998, the company has fixed assets of 50 million yuan and more than 100 employees. It is an enterprise specializing in spinning, weaving, printing and coating.

  • PE Aluminum & Non-woven Car Cover

    PE Aluminum & Non-woven Car Cover

    As a professional China car cover manufacturer and supplier, we are responsible for wholesale selling high-quality PE aluminum car covers and Non-woven car covers at favorable prices.
    Our car cover is suitable for a variety of car models and has the following features:
    1. Green environmental protection, silver-coated silver bright, not easy to fade, comfortable hand feeling, good water resistance, clear texture.
    2. The inner layer is covered with cotton to protect the car paint from scratches, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant for a longer time, heat insulation in summer, and cold and warm in winter.
    3. Waterproof material, high-density material, protects the inside and outside of the car body and prevents rain, snow, sunlight and bird droppings from harming the car.
    4. Comprehensive protection, antifreeze, sunscreen, waterproof, rain and snow, windproof, reflective warning strip design safety warning.
    5. Flame retardant protection, is universal in all seasons, customized, in various colors, individually packaged, easy to clean.

    PE Aluminum car cover is made of diamond grade PE fabric, which has good anti-wrinkle performance and fits the body more beautiful. The inner lining is made of cotton velvet material, which protects the car paint and at the same time provides good heat insulation . And has non-toxic, good elasticity, lightweight, warm and breathable, windproof, waterproof, anti-grease and other high performance.PE Aluminum car cover can adapt to various environments and has excellent flame retardant properties. Many riders will be concerned about a problem, worrying that the car cover will wear the car body, PE Aluminum car cover can solve this problem very well.
    Non-woven car cover is a very economical car cover with good air permeability and dustproof performance. The non-woven car cover has a uniform surface and good pull-up fastness. In addition to providing common sizes in the market, we can also accept custom sizes from customers. We have a professional technical team and rich production experience to provide customers with high-quality car cover.