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Children's Raincoat Wholesale

Founded in 1998, the company has fixed assets of 50 million yuan and more than 100 employees. It is an enterprise specializing in spinning, weaving, printing and coating.

  • Children's Raincoat

    Children's Raincoat

    As a professional raincoat manufacturer and supplier, there are mainly regular raincoats, parent-child raincoats, transparent printing raincoats and raincoats with reflective strips for outdoor traffic emergency rescue duty.
    Our raincoats have the following features:
    Windproof and waterproof, no odor, fine texture.
    Cold and tear-resistant.
    The cloth surface is flat and beautiful, delicate and light. The waterproof and breathable texture is good.
    High color fastness, the fabric is colorful and bright, and it is not easy to discolor after long-term washing.
    Tear-resistant, not sultry, impermeable, moisture-proof and breathable.
    The user group is wide, sheltered from wind and rain and impermeable, and can be customized.
    Lightweight reusable raincoat.
    Durable, lightweight, breathable fabric allows heat, moisture or condensation to escape quickly.