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We are a national high-tech enterprise. At present, there are many kinds of self-woven and cooperatively processed fabrics, including microfiber warp-knitted towel cloth, weft-knitted towel cloth, coral fleece, etc.

An Introduction Guide To Raincoat Fabrics

Raincoat fabrics ensure protection from rain, wind, cold, dust, dirt, and high humidity environments. Waterproof jackets are made from a variety of materials - wool, cotton, silk, high-quality fibers, and rubber fabrics. The water-repellent treatment makes the natural fabric durable, flexible, and easy to clean without compromising its performance. Soft and smooth, it allows the skin to breathe while protecting you from harsh weather.

These fabrics are used in raincoats and other rain protection garments. Some are suitable for sportswear, pants, trench coats, and jackets.

High-quality raincoat fabrics have the following advantages:

1. abrasion resistance;

2. weather resistance;

3. Brightness and dimensional stability;

4. Moisture-proof and anti-fouling;

5. good ventilate;

6.No shrinkage;

7. easy to care for;

8. Stylish look.

The 6 main types of raincoat fabrics are:


2.wool and wool blends,




6. high tech.

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