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We are a national high-tech enterprise. At present, there are many kinds of self-woven and cooperatively processed fabrics, including microfiber warp-knitted towel cloth, weft-knitted towel cloth, coral fleece, etc.

What Is Oxford Cloth And Its Craft?

Types of Oxford Fabric

Solid Oxford: It is soft and less prone to wrinkling because the smooth fabric is made by combining two weaving yarns (longitudinal) with heavier yarns (crosswise).

Pinpoint Oxford Fabric: It is a blend of durable Oxford and light canvas. Depending on how it is treated, this fabric often provides a more formal look to the wearer.

Royal Oxford Fabric: A very beautiful and lustrous fabric, created for elegant garments. It is made of delicate fabrics that give it a unique and remarkable texture. It is usually very bright. Royal Oxford fabric is known for its softness.

Oxford weaving manufacturing process:

 Oxford fabric is produced using a perfect variation of basket weaving, in which multiple weft yarns are crossed over the same number of warp yarns. Weft yarns of one color are crossed with white warp yarns for a two-tone look. In this way, a 2 x 2 weave (sometimes called a 2 x 1 basket weave) produces a slightly rougher texture but is still a more durable fabric than any other. This texture makes the Oxford cloth thicker and warmer, which is very suitable for winter wear.

What is Oxford cloth used for?

a) Oxford cloth is mainly used in the manufacture of expensive formal and casual wear, especially shirts, to create a strong and comfortable garment.

b) Typical oxfords are less glossy and silky than other fabrics. It makes Oxford suitable for the production of different garments such as shirts, button-down shirts, trousers, skirts, and other formal and casual wear.

c) Also used as home decor fabric. Cause oxford is ideal for curtains, shams, wall hangings, duvet covers, and coverings.

d) Can be used to make bags, backpacks, suitcases, tents, travel gear, hunting and fishing gear, tables and chairs, sleeping bags, and all kinds of boxes.

e) It is used in the construction of sieve panels to be mounted on wooden frames.